HMLV PCB assembly

Now each day there are new startup companies setup in the electronics business industry and lots of small/medium sized companies are seeking stronger production partners and stronger competitiveness. These companies have very creative technology and products, but many of their products and projects are High Mixed, Low Volume (HMLV). Many factories are not interested in providing manufacturing service for them, because these products vary often in application, lot size and production process, orders are not easy to forecast and order value may be not high. Facilities need to have the ability to very quickly change over product requirements and convert assembly lines. Therefore a production service partner who is interested in such business and has the ability to support is very important for these companies.

Global PCB has been in High Mixed/Low Volume (HMLV) business for many years. We always have high interests in this niche market and have gained rich experience to work for our clients. Many of our clients have been working with us for years and some of them work with us exclusively. We have a specialized team and production lines are equipped and optimized for make-to- order. PCB assemblies are strictly inspected and tested for quality guarantee. DFM and cost saving proposals are analyzed internally and further discussed with clients. We are happy to maximize customers’ benefits and believe only customers’ growth can help us develop better and longer.

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