SMD Stencils

SMD Stencils(solder paste and adhesive stencils) are an absolute necessity for SMT circuit board assembly.SMD stencils from GLOBAL PCB are manufactured using laser technology, which ensures a constant process quality through its high level of precision.

Our SMD Stencils fulfil the most stringent quality requirements with optimal register accuracy and cutting precision. The precise axial tolerance of ±2um and a repeat accuracy of ±3um offers optimal conditions for solder paste printing, even for the smallest high-tech components.
SMD Stencils Capabilities
  • Material used: Stainless Steel 
  • Stencil Type: Framed and Frameless
  • Stencil thickness: .001 - .016 inches 
  • Minimum cut width: .002 inches 
  • Maximum size: 29"x29" inches 
  • We make all aperture modifications necessary 
  • Aperture tolerance within .00025 inches 
  • Allow for fiducial data 
  • Allow for panellized data
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