Students Sponsorship

GLOBAL PCB loves to help,support and share. We are very happy to help engineering students all across the world succeed by providing the high quality PCBs with great performance and satisfying service. Just share with us and let us help to sponsor you or your team with your competitions/school projects.
All what you need to do is to send us the project details,your contact info and your school information for projects audit as well as the address for future shipping when needed. We would love to see your determination,your hard work and creative projects. Audit will be done by us within 24hours and sponsorship coupon will be offered to you according to your projects.
If you agree, we also love to spread your projects on SNS(Facebook,Twitter,Youtube...) and other places so that more people know about your projects.
In addition to our sponsorship program, if you are working on other school  projects, we also have discounted student rates for your printed circuit boards. With all these help, your hardware projects will be boosted to success.
  • Describe your team and project as detailed as possible and send to
  • Our people will get back to you quickly and have more communications.
  • Coupon will be provided if approval for your project order.
  • Help share your project by us and you may also share our sponsorship.