Ceramic PCB

When you are looking for substrates for electronic circuits with a high thermal conductivity and a low expansion coefficient (CTE), ceramic PCB will be your preferred choice of material. Today ceramics are already widely used as substrates in many microelectronic components and power LED packages and more and more they are replacing entire printed circuit boards reducing complexity in design and manufacturing while increasing performance. Examples are Chip-on-board (COB) modules, High power circuits, proximity sensors, battery drivers for EVs,...etc.
Ceramics advantages over other printed circuit boards:
  • Higher operating temperature up to 350ºC
  • Lower expansion coefficient
  • Good thermal properties
  • Superior high-frequency performance
  • Lower system cost: reduces test, insertion, assembly
  • Smaller package size due to integration
  • Cost effective for dense package due to parallel processing of layers
  • Hermetic packages possible, 0% water absorption
Alumina (Al2O3) is widely used because of its low cost. It is, however, a less good thermal conductor (24-28 W/mK) but still outperforms most IMS (metal core) PCB since it does not require a dielectric layer between circuits and core. If needed, thermal performance can be still enhanced using silver (Ag) filled vias. Boards are usually thicker (0.5mm-1.5mm). Aluminum Oxide can also be made transparent for special use if needed.
Aluminum Nitride (AlN) has far better thermal performance (> 150 W/mK) but is also more expensive. Also here thermal performance can be further improved by Ag or Au traces and vias.To maximally guarantee thermal performance and an optimal electric conductivity while reducing corrosion, Elite Advanced Technologies only uses Silver (Ag – 406 W/mK) for printing traces after which they will be covered with glass for protection. For high sulfur environments where silver corrosion can be an issue, we offer Gold plating as a solution to protect the exposed pads. Traditional PCB surface finishes like OSP or HASL cannot be used due to high sintering and operational temperatures.
Ceramic PCB advantages from GLOBAL PCB over other PCB suppliers  
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  • In-house facilities both in Shenzhen and Fujian
  • ISO9001,ISO14001,TS16949,UL and RoHS certified
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Ceramic PCB Capabilities
Number of Layers 1--4
Base Material AluminaOxide - Al2O3 (96% or 99%), AluminaNitride - AlN
Board Size Max 180*180mm
Thickness 0.25mm--1.0mm
Surface Finish Silver Ag, NiAu (Gold plating)
Material Color White,Black or Transparent
Fabrication Standard IPC-A-600H-Class 2
Certifications ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, TS16949:2008,UL, RoHS
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