PCB Prototype For Free

Get your customized prototypes for free from GLOBAL PCB either to check our quality,service & performance as a trial start or just save your cost.
FREE PCB Customized prototypes Specifications
  • 2 layers, FR4,0.8--1.6mm thick
  • 0.5oz or 1oz copper weight
  • HASL lead free finish
  • Min.6mil line width/space
  • Min.0.3mm hole size
  • Green solder mask
  • White silkcreen
  • Both width/length less than 100mm
  • Qty less than 10pcs
  • Max.size 155 sq.inches
Make a try now, and we’ll give you lots of surprises!
If you have any inquries,just send your request and files to info@globalpcb.com. Our dedicated engineering sales executive will contact and quote within 24hours quickly.