Fast Prototype PCB

Companies today are bringing out more electronics products, more quickly, trying to meet the demands of an ever-growing industry that wants constant innovation. When you consider if your innovation is practical and feasible,a PCB prototype is then made to verify the design and construction.
It's often one of the biggest complaints companies have about their PCB supply partners.  Prototypes can be slow to finish, as well as expensive and low quality. It is then a annoying nightmare when this happens. If your business wants to stay on top of the market, such delays can quickly sink new product releases - or render them irrelevant by arriving too late to market.  
Now you have GLOBAL PCB,a fast PCB manufacturer here for you.Thanks to our owned in-house facilities and the team’s devotion, we offer fast,high quality and very affordable PCB prototype as well as PCB small volume service to our customers,which greatly reduces your cost and shorten your time for your products to market.
PCB Prototype & Small volume advantages from GLOBAL PCB over other PCB suppliers
  • 14 years’ quality reputation of printed circuit boards fabrication
  • Quick turn (24 hours shortest time) and Flexible Service
  • Factory direct low pricing,no hidden cost
  • In-house facilities in Shenzhen,China especially for PCB prototype and small volume
  • ISO9001,ISO14001,TS16949,UL and RoHS certified
  • No tooling charge,Free 100% electrical test
  • Really fast response and execution
  • Money back guaranteed,best value return
  • No MOQ charge,no order is too small
  • Free DFM and continuous optimization
How do we keep the price down for you?
Most PCB manufacturers only allow one customer design to be processed per production sheet because of the complex and technical challenges found with different customer's orders.  This is expensive because the set-up costs for each sheet manufactured are charged entirely to each client.  Furthermore, daily production schedules change constantly according to demand.  Thus, traditional PCB manufacturer’s production processes are like having a factory full of “taxis”.
Our printed circuit board manufacturing process is completely different.We run PCB designs from different customers (but requiring identical technical specifications) on the same sheet and process them together. The greater the number of different PCBs on a sheet, the lower the set-up cost will be for each client. Manufacturing of different PCB material configurations and specifications are scheduled to run to a weekly timetable. This allows us to plan our capacity and lower our costs through enhanced capacity utilization and precise scheduling.
For more than 10 years we have been keeping our fabrication workflow optimization.All these work finally allows us to offer an unbeatable service to electronics companies across the world and gains continuous success with customers together.
Fast PCB Prototype Capabilities
Category Description Capability
File Formats Gerber files(preferred), AutoCAD, DWG 274-X,274-D, DXF, …
Drill file X & Y coordinates, with tool sizes included
Board layer Maximum layers  8 layers
Size Maximum finished dimensions  500mm X 500mm
Board Thickness Standard FR4 Tg140 1.6mm ±10% (0.062” ±10%)
Minimum and Maximum 0.2 ~ 2.0 mm
Bow and twist < 7/1000
Copper Outer copper weight 0.5oz (17um) ~ 1oz (35um)
Weight Inner copper wight 0.5 oz (17um) ~ 1 oz (35um)
Laminate Materials FR-4 Tg140
Drilling Minimum size 0.2mm (0.004”)
Maximum size 4.0mm 
PTH hole tolerance ±0.003” (0.075mm)
N-PTH hole tolerance ±0.002” (0.050mm)
Solder Mask Colour green、white、
black、yellow、red、 blue
Silkscreen Colour White, black
Test Visual Inspection Yes 
Flying probe Yes
Bed of nails Yes
Impedance control Yes
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) Yes
Digital metallograghic microscope Yes
Solder-ability detection Yes
Surface Finish HASL, HASL pb free, immersion gold, O.S.P (Entek)
Fabrication Stardard IPC-A-600H-Class 2
Certifications SO9001:2008, ISO14001, TS16949:2008,UL, RoHS
If your PCB design is out of the technical options above, don’t worry, go to check our Full Spectrum PCB Capabilities, and then just send your inquiry or queries with design files ( gerber file, .pcb, .pcbdoc or .cam file format) to Our dedicated sales executive will contact and quote within 24hours quickly.
Start to quote and order from GLOBAL PCB now
Until now we've processed thousands and thousands of part numbers for hundreds of customers. Some of the customers who've been loyal since the beginning still consider us their number one PCB fabrication source. This is testimony to our consistently high level of quality, service, and competitive pricing.
If you were to poll our top 50 or so PCB fabrication customers and ask them why they've been so loyal, many would say that we've consistently saved them time,money,hassles and efforts. To save more cost, increase work efficiency and process work more quickly, we have optimized a lot our internal system which has highly optimized our work flow and manufacturing cost and thus customers achieve benefits on cheaper cost and better services as well.
Just send your request and files to Our dedicated engineer and sales executive will contact and quote within 24hours quickly.