Lead time extended and a new round of price rises for diodes

Monday, February 18, 2019
Another wave of diode price rises is coming in 2019 after the price increasing of electronic components gradually subsided last year.
Since 2018, price surge wave for the semiconductors has been blowing from silicon wafers, passive components, MOSFET all the way to resistors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and now even diodes prices have continued to rise, and the increasing scale is much larger than expected.
According to media reports, the price of separated diodes from IDM will continue to rise in the first quarter of 2019.In this wave of separated diodes supply shortage, Taiwan Semiconductor,Panjit,Liteon Semiconductor and other related large manufacturers will be expected to benefit from this
According to Future Electronic’s survey, ON, Vishay and other manufacturers are all hiking the quotes up.
In addition to the separate diode quote bullish , bridge rectifier, Schottky diode, transient voltage suppression, rectifier, switching diode and other products delivery time has all been extended to 16-40 weeks, the longest time even up to 52 weeks, prices are also rising up.
At present, the market demand of new energy electric vehicles, automotive electronics has increased significantly.Devices such as integrated blind spot detection in advanced driving assistance system , lane departure warning and parking assistance system all ask for the diode consumption several times more then before.
As the market for electric vehicles and automotive electronics continues to grow substantially, diode usage will only continue to grow.With battery-powered electric cars, more electronics are installed than normal petrol cars, and more diodes are needed.Therefore, before the diode production capacity has not significantly increased, there will be a big supply shortage and price rises.
On the other hand,for the reasons of the current Sino-US trade war deadlock not been solved and the big players in Chinese mainland having the opportunities to transfer orders to the Taiwan region diode factories, the major diode factories’performance in 2019  may expect a new wave of peak.